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<< october 2016 >>
The first meeting of the institutions of Diwan Al Madhalim, the Mediator and the Mediterranean Ombudsmen, held in Rabat during november 2007 has fixed various objectives. These objectives have roots from the common will to consolidate friendship and cooperation bonds between mediterranean institutions in order to contribute to the diffusion of Human Rights culture. Also, consecration principles of justice, equity, good governance and spread of citizenship values are targeted as objectives in this meeting.

Wali Al Madhalim, the Mediator of the Republic of France and the Defensor of the Spanish People are motivated by these principles and they have convened to settle an institutional mechanism for an efficient coordination between institutions of mediation located in the mediterranean basin. This context being, the Mediterranean Network of Ombudsmen have been settled in order to strengthen bonds between institutions for further complementarity of their missions.

Considering the actual economic crisis and the international political context, and being aware of the importance of their role in the field of human rights defense for the rooting
of the preached principles,that they aspire to concrete , the members of the Network of Mediterranean Ombudsmen gathered in Marseilles (on the 18th and 19th december 2008) have decided to set up an association called the Association of Mediterranean Ombudsmen in order to acquire institutional means that allows itself to put in place planned projects that enhance new developpment perspectives. Also, democratisation in all the countries of the mediterranean basin and to support the creation of such institutions of mediation in countries where it does not exist yet.

The association which encompasses institutions from the North and the South of the Mediterranean basin , distinguishes itself by the symbiosis and the clearsightedness that chose Mr. Moulay M’Hamed Iraki president of that association during the meeting of Marseilles. Wali Al madhalim is also vice-president of the Association of Mediators and Ombudsmen of the French Speaking countries.

Moulay M’Hmed Iraki commented on this event and said to be honoured for the confidence placed in him by the members , and he expressed his will to take full responsability for it, selflessly and with all the conscience needed. He is commited to take care at the settlement of structures of this new association and to develop also its activities in order to let it occupy a deserved place in the concert of regional and international istitutions.

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>From 2012-06-11 to 2012-06-12
Encounter : AOM sixth Meeting Upon « Activating the Role Of the ombudsman »



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