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Establishment of the Association

In follow up to the first meeting of the Mediator and Ombdusman institutions of the Mediterranean held in 2007 in Rabat (Morocco), the Association of Mediterranean Ombudsmen (AOM) was founded on the 19th December of 2008 during the second meeting of the network of Mediator and Ombudsman institutions in Marseille (France).

The establishment of the Association is amongst others the result of the common engagement of the founding members Mr. Moulay M’hamed Iraki the Mediator of the Kingdom of Morocco, Mr. Enriaue Mugica Herzog the Defender of People of Spain, and Mr. Jean Paul Delevoye the Mediator of the French Republic.

The participants of the 1st Meeting of the institutions of Diwan Al Madhalim , the Ombudsman and the Ombudsman Mediterranean

Mission and goals of the Association

AOM is committed to the protection and promotion of fundamental rights in the countries of the Mediterranean basin. The Association enables the diffusion of experiences and initiatives of the different member institutions, thereby allowing for common enrichment and for the enhancement of cooperation amongst members and the European and international partners.

In the spirit of solidarity and good neighborhoodness, members are committed to mutual support and engaged in dialogue that transcends the borders and differences in governance in the various countries of the larger Mediterranean area.

Goals common to the members of the Association comprise the advancement of the principles of democracy and good governance, raising among the citizens regarding their rights and obligations. Member institutions are committed to bringing to the fore their engagement for the protection of the fundamental rights and their contribution for the nurturing of a more fair and equitable society.

The Association and its members are engaged in working together closely in order to support international cooperatoin with other institutions dedicated to the promotion and protectoin of human rights. The official languages are English, Arabic, Spanish and French.

The objectives of the Association are:

  • Promoting awareness on the role of Ombudsman and Mediator institutions throughout the Mediterranean area;
  • Developing and implementing programs of exchange of information and experiences among member institutions;
  • Collecting, conserving and disseminating information and results of research on Ombudsman instiutions;
  • Developing relations with institutions, organizations and individuals sharing objectives that are akin to those of the Association.